fiona houston


my earlier career as a project manager in a top corporate identity design agency and latterly as a milliner gave me great insight into the fashion and creative industries: the deadlines, along with the pressures both mentally and physically that the body sustains.  during my time as a milliner I worked with rachel skinner millinery, regularly exhibiting at london fashion week.

i became attuned to reiki in 2014.  I was guided out of nowhere to learn how to channel this beautiful and positive healing energy to help both others and myself to achieve and sustain a more balanced flow of energy and harmony within our busy and connected world today.

in 2017 i became a reiki master and teacher.  my trust in the benefits of reiki grows stronger on a daily basis and i believe that this nurturing and abundant flowing energy can really help achieve and sustain more personal equilibrium.

more recently i have collaborated with pollyanna to create inner flow zone.  our aim is to facilitate reiki healing for creatives and artists,  thus using our experiences in this field of work to further connect with the individuals that we are treating.


for non-corporate and individual client treatments feel free to contact my private practice at :



pollyanna stringer


my design background comes from within the area of sportswear fashion, working for various international lifestyle fashion brands throughout my career. it was a natural step to re-focus my design career from sports fashion into wellness of the physical body and energy therapy. my love of the ever evolving sciences of body/mind interconnection and energy systems found a home in reiki, and I started to find the answers to the questions I had been curious about…. how positive intentions can improve health…. how we can get in the flow creatively…. and how energy is the connecting factor to all improvements in health and abundant inspiration….

I initially studied to become a nutritionist and my nutrition studies have given me a well placed grounding in body physiology and common ailments. I still value nutrition as an essential pillar to good health but without a fresh flow of energy within the body, even the healthiest diet will find it hard to enable the body to truly thrive, therefore I chose the powerful energy therapy of reiki in which to practice.

my background as a fashion designer enables me to be sympathetic to the stresses and seasonal timelines experienced by the creative industries. I am passionate to help alleviate this stress within the workplace and unlock stagnant energy to encourage enhanced creativity and open thinking.  by co-founding inner flow zone with fiona this passion can become a positive reality to help others find an inner balance within the hectic urban environment.


for non-corporate and individual client treatments feel free to contact my private practice at :



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fiona is a reiki master, reiki teacher and a member of the reiki federation

pollyanna is a reiki master, reiki teacher and a member of the reiki academy

we are trained in both the western and japanese usui systems of reiki and our reiki lineage can be traced back to the founder mikao usui.

the usui system of reiki is the version recognised by the nhs.

we are both trained Reiki Science practitioners.