energy wellbeing for the creative industries


Inner Flow Zone’s intention is to help alleviate the health issues that the creative industry faces on a daily basis. it is a fast paced industry that affects natural sleep rhythms and eating patterns.  frequent and seasonal deadlines through the year mean that even simple wellbeing routines can be dropped when the deadline comes closer.  the recovery time and healthy rituals that our bodies need are often missing from the critical path of creative projects, and until this is seen as a wellbeing necessity Inner Flow Zone’s aim is to facilitate renewed energy at the creative workplace.


we provide tailored treatments for creatives.  reiki energy wellbeing is of great benefit to those working within the creative industries due to the fact it can adapt to various requirements at different times.




reiki reboot™


we can arrive at your workspace and give 15 – 30 min treatments in meeting rooms or break out areas. we provide comfortable sheepskin rug covered seats, tailored soundscapes and need only a small space within which to treat clients.


reiki reboots™ are perfect for:


  • providing an extra boost of energy: e.g. to give the employee the last push to reach a deadline.
  • calming the nervous system after a deadline or at the end of a busy week, encouraging a more relaxed state and better sleep.
  • defragging for the brain as any blocked and stagnant thoughts are released, allowing for a greater creative flow. perfect for employees at the beginning of a project by enabling them to focus, and attain deeper inspiration.
  • transitioning after projects, rebalancing the energy flow and allowing the creatives to unwind from the end of one project before embracing new projects with fresher energy.




downtime treatments


these are 30-60 min treatments given on a therapy couch that we can offer at your work space or from our own practice rooms in belgravia, london.


downtime treatments are perfect for:


  • relieving physical aches and pains: essential for long periods spent sitting or standing.
  • helping the body, hormones and emotions to rebalance after a series of back-to-back meetings or a substantial travel itinerary.
  • preparing the employee on a physical and mental level for the beginning of a project or to promote a creative reset and restoration after a hectic schedule.



reiki therapy is an effective step towards sustaining the wellbeing of creatives, and encouraging their workspaces to become positive energy hubs where they are supported to flourish.


if you are interested in learning more about us and how we can help wellbeing within the creative industries we would love you to get in touch.