room RESCue™


everyone and everything are energy. we transmit energy into and out of our bodies. the space in between us is energy. matter is also energy (e=m). so, it makes sense that rooms and buildings will also contain energy. energy in matter moves more slowly, and can therefore linger for longer.


when the energy of a space is good, it can really make a difference to your own energy and enhance the overall experience, e.g. a dynamic workspace environment creates an inspired flow, fresher energy in a club helps a good night out become mind-blowing. conversely, if we feel a bad vibe from a space – whether it is at work, a club, an event – this can affect our vibe and also our experience of it. we are literally absorbing the negative vibrations of the lingering energy.


reiki energy is adaptive, so it can also have an effect on the energy found in matter.


Inner Flow Zone can visit your co-working space, club, home, restaurant, or event in order to perform reiki RESCue™ (reiki energy space clearing).


we have performed energy clearing on ministry of sound and the steel yard nightclubs, and at the arboretum and the old baths hackney private members clubs.


if you are interested in knowing more about this service, please contact us.