our philosophy



we understand that living in our connected, speedy, and demanding 21st century world can really take its toll on our personal wellbeing.  this can manifest and appear as a physical pain, and also as an emotional feeling.  sometimes it can be hard to pinpoint where the problem lies, but you intrinsically know that you are not flowing as well as you could.  even if we do realise the problem areas, where on earth do we get the time to investigate and solve the prevailing issue?


Inner Flow Zone’s aim is to offer the experience of reiki to support creatives and dj artists in finding enhanced creativity, to rebalance between their busy schedules, re-energise and ultimately help them to harmonise both their work and their overall wellbeing into a successful and sustainable lifestyle.


we believe that reiki is the most relevant and convenient wellness therapy that is specifically beneficial to creatives and djs within their working environment.


when you consciously and compassionately take care of yourself in a sustainable and enduring manner you can harmonise your own energy system, putting your mind and body in the ultimate position to heal itself on all levels: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual: our extended body.  quite simply, you reboot your inner flow.


our focus is to provide an energy wellness service for creatives and djs to include treatments, energy technique training and workshops, providing a personal energy toolbox for daily and nightly use.