morning gloryville:


“thank you to our most powerful reiki leaders fiona and pollyanna from Inner Flow Zone. you are so so so important to our experience. we are shifting transformational energy in these events to the extent I see us as a trans-dimensional healing portal.

there has been so many reasons to fear and hate from experiences of the past, which is why so many are shy, and need encouragement to engage, to hug, to sing and to dance. our home (the dance floor) is a love nest to hold all. that’s why we have motivational dancers, hoopers, activators, huggers, reiki and massage therapists to really show our people how much we care, how much we support and help everyone feel safe.

but without IFZ channelling as powerhouses onto the floor it would be an even tougher zone for us to do this. you help to lift the veil, to help remove those restrictions. you are wonderful, ….you tapped into the energy of the day, started dancing and starting offering those love prayers to loosen everyone up and call them into the play. we really honour you.”


  • neil greenwood – morning gloryville director: london




dj testimonials:


“already being a firm believer in energies, how they affect all we do daily and how important they are being a dj as it’s what connects you with the crowd, I was intrigued and excited to see how distant reiki would work and feel.  I received it on 2 occasions whilst I slept and both times I awoke the next day feeling fresh, energised, in control and ready for my dj set that that night”


  • wax worx

    – dj

    – label boss at shanghaied records

    – head of a&r at data transmission radio





client testimonials:


“hey reiki, you’re so fine, you’re so fine you blow my mind…hey reiki!

I regularly attend morning gloryville (sober rave), and when I do, always make sure I have an early slot booked with Inner Flow Zone.  the Reiki session always gives me an incredible amount of luscious positive energy for the hours of fun and raving ahead 🙂

there’s more to it than boosting my energy levels for a full-on raving session.  a number of the times when I have had reiki sessions with Inner Flow Zone my wellbeing was not great, feeling somewhat stressed and fatigued.  after the reiki sessions felt invigorated and energised, not just for the duration of the rave but for days after.  this allowed me to get my wellbeing back on track,  which was a huge boost.

there are additional benefits I found with the reiki sessions (what more!).  I am bit of a writer (copy, standup-comedy, blogs etc) and fledgling standup comic.  I found that after the reiki sessions, my creative juices have been really flowing.   was especially helpful with the writing and performing of my recent stand-up comedy routines.

to be honest, I was always sceptical of reiki.  now I love it!  I have no idea how this all works!  It feels kind of magical.

I’m really happy that I found these wonderful reiki practitioners, and would heartily recommend Inner Flow Zone to anyone.”


  • jason b – morning gloryville attendee