what is reiki?


reiki is an energy therapy developed in japan in the 20th century by mikao usui.


it is a healing system using energy for balancing, healing and harmonising all aspects of you – your physical body, your mental and emotional body, and your spiritual body.  all of these aspects are uniquely interconnected within each individual.


a reiki energy therapist will connect to universal source energy and channel this energy through the connection to the person they are treating to access any blockages.  the energy will flow to wherever it is needed.  even if you are experiencing physical pain the affected area might not in fact be the root of the problem.  reiki intuitively knows where it is needed to go in order to assist in the healing of the issue.


reiki is a safe, gentle, non-intrusive hands-on healing energy technique.  reiki therapists do not use pressure, manipulation or massage while channelling reiki energy.  you remain fully clothed and are seated or lying down for the treatment, therefore it is very relaxing.


on a physical level reiki encourages faster healing to injuries and can also help to get to the root of a long term physical ailment.  sometimes a physical pain can be a result of a trapped emotion or emotional trauma in the physical body.  reiki can assist to loosen and remove these blockages therefore releasing the physical pain.  reiki is becoming widely used as a wellbeing therapy in all areas including the nhs, which uses reiki as part of their aftercare plans to facilitate recovery and promote relaxation.


reiki can help rebalance our emotions, which means that it can address within us how we deal with our external experiences.  it helps us have the clarity to respond instead of react in stressful situations, such as a work deadline or a blockage in our creative flow.


reiki can help adapt our attitudes and thought patterns such as the decisions we make.  it can help us transition from circumstances or projects and encourages optimum wellbeing equilibrium.  when this is achieved within a creative environment it can bring a greater clarity of mind and a more relaxed, flowing approach to achieving the tasks of the day.


reiki can help us to clear our spiritual blockages to become more receptive to positive thoughts and behaviours.  it encourages us to be more confident in our own intuition and internal guidance systems, which in turn can help us to re-frame an idea or work project that we may have lost momentum with, or even help us create new inspiration!



the basic science bit:


a reiki therapist can facilitate a connection with higher frequencies of energy, which they are able to channel through their own electromagnetic field into their bodies and ultimately out through their hands.


quantum theory has shown that all matter is made from energy and that the human body is comprised of tiny particles of energy vibrating around our body at a particular frequency.


when a reiki therapist connects to the person they are treating, they can channel a healing energy in order to facilitate a positive response within that person.  the particles within their body start to respond and any blockages, whether physical or emotional, can flow more freely.


recent scientific research has found that water quality can be improved by receiving a reiki energy treatment.  the human body is comprised of over 80% water, so this positive change will also be occurring within the cells in our bodies when receiving reiki energy.


This is ground breaking evidence recognising reiki as one of the top bio-field therapies within energy medicine.



the benefits of reiki


there are no known side effects or contra-indicators to receiving reiki healing energy. for the benefits there are many, here are a few:


less stress

calmer attitude

clearer head

better intuition

increased creativity

improved memory

more stamina

more energy

emotional release

physical release

better sleep


stronger immune system

slower aging