reiki training and attunements


if you feel that you are ready to learn all about reiki yourself, we offer reiki attunements from our base in north london.  the reiki level 1 attunements that we offer will give you an in-depth understanding of energy, reiki energy, the chakra system, and how to carry out reiki treatments on yourself and others, including animals.


our reiki level 1 training takes place over the course of 2 days (usually a weekend) and upon completion you will receive a reiki level 1 certificate, proof of lineage and an extensive manual.  please contact us for pricing information and dates of our next course.



what is an attunement?


the main advantage to receiving a reiki attunement is that it enables you to access universal energy in order to help sustain your own optimum energy levels, help speed up a slow flow or find relief for an ache or pain. you don’t use your own body’s reserves – you use universal energy which has a high vibrational frequency. when the body connects to this vibration, any lower vibrational frequency it contains will tune in to the higher vibe, thereby providing healing benefits. the more reiki that you can give to yourself, the better you will feel over time: much like taking your car for a regular service, or defragging your computer.


the reiki attunement is a short process that is performed by an experienced reiki master on their student. this creates a special link between the student and the reiki source. thereafter, access to reiki energy can be achieved by the student when needed. Inner Flow Zone makes it their priority to ensure that attunements are given alongside a thorough understanding of how to utilise this energy for yourself and on others, and provide applications for your everyday life. after that, we are on hand to give advice for any reiki sos queries you may have.


the attunement is a powerful process during which the student may report a variety of sensations and experience heightened intuition. most report a calm experience almost like a meditation. after the attunement the student may feel the reiki energy flowing through their hands as a sensation of warmth or tingling.


there is also a period of cleansing, as the body adjusts to the reiki energy, followed by a greater sense of wellbeing. we all have a tendency to brush certain issues under the carpet, however, they can stay with us in our subconscious mind and can have a limiting and negative effect on our beliefs, thoughts and pain memory. the cleansing, i.e. flooding your body with high frequency energy, will help to clear out these issues. an energetic ‘marie kondo’ for your mind, body and spirit!


once attuned, reiki energy stays with you for life. a vital and effective tool in your wellbeing toolkit that can be used as often as you choose to in your day to help maintain your balance and flow.