reiki and distant reiki treatments


in addition to workplace wellbeing, we also offer individual full body reiki treatments from the light centre in belgravia, london.  location details at the bottom of the page.    email us at if you wish to make an appointment.


reiki initial treatment with consultation 75 mins : £75

reiki regular treatments 60 mins : £60

for a course of treatments: please enquire for discounts on treatment packages.




distant reiki


distant reiki is also increasingly popular due to the convenience of being available to receive wherever you maybe.  distant reiki is perfect if you are in the middle of a treatment plan and are due to be away on holiday for a few weeks.  a suitable time can be arranged to receive the reiki so that you do not miss a treatment.


in this busy world things tend to happen and if a delayed train, or working late affects your appointment plans last minute a treatment can still be given if you can find a quiet place to sit and receive the reiki.


distance reiki treatments 30 mins : £30

distance reiki treatments 45 mins : £45

and also available as an option of 1 minute: £1, for tailor-made timing slots to suit your lifestyle.




EP : energy plans


we understand that everyone leads very busy lives and sometimes we don’t have the bandwidth to even think about yet another wellness ritual.  we have designed our energy plans (EPs) with this in mind, offering quick on-the-go energy exercises to help prepare, unwind and rebalance between busy work schedules or life events.


our exercises are designed with a ‘less is more’ ideology mindset and each exercise takes up only 1 or 2 minutes of your time to do – even whilst you are sitting at your desk, or travelling to and from work.


we can also provide a bespoke personal energy programme (PEP) which includes 3 x distant reiki (DR) sessions and up to 5 x sos reiki sessions.


if you would like more information on our EP, PEP, DR or SOS Programmes, please contact us for more information.  please visit our page on distant reiki which will take you through a more in-depth explanation of how this form of reiki works.



treatment centre location:


we practice from the light centre which is part of the light centre group of mindfulness and therapy centres in central london.

light centre belgravia, 7-9 eccleston street, belgravia sw1w 9lx

light centre large res