energy wellbeing for the music industry


we truly believe that electronic artists hold a key role in raising the vibration of the collective and our planet, so it matters to us that we take care of the people involved in this industry. our focus is on reiki, we see this as the most relevant and convenient therapy to stabilise the energy flux found within the modern dj world.


Inner Flow Zone works to enhance the rhythms of the body whilst artists work to enhance the rhythms of their music. we believe that energy and music coexist harmoniously, and are inextricably intertwined. their connectivity creates the ultimate flow within and without.


uni-verse = one song

reiki = one love


wellness within the music industry, and specifically within electronic dance music, is at last becoming acknowledged as an important issue.


Inner Flow Zone are passionate about the health issues that the music industry is faced with. electronic artists in particular are frequently left unaided to deal with their emotional highs, and subsequent lows, when dopamine and serotonin levels inevitably come crashing down, along with their nervous systems in general.


it’s a fast paced industry that keeps unsociable hours, impinging on natural sleep rhythms and eating patterns. routines are disrupted, along with a host of other healthy rituals that our bodies need.


with reiki we are able to encourage a fresher energy flow within artists, to allow them to prepare for their performances and tours, unwind after a set and rebalance between busy schedules: ultimately helping them to blend both their work and their wellbeing into a successful and sustainable lifestyle.



tailored treatments for the electronic music artist


reiki wellbeing is of great benefit to electronic artists and those working within the music industry due to the fact it can adapt to various requirements at different times. some examples of those benefits are below:


  • providing an extra boost of energy: e.g. to help the electronic artist reach the same energetic levels of the audience before a set.
  • calming the nerves before going onstage.
  • clearing the head and allowing a greater creative flow: perfect for musicians or electronic artists about to perform and enabling them to focus in on what’s important: their music.
  • transitioning after the set, rebalancing the energy flow and adrenaline levels to encourage a more relaxed state and better sleep.
  • relieving physical aches and pains: essential for long periods spent standing or travelling.
  • helping the body, hormones and emotions to stabilise after a series of back-to-back bookings or a heavy travel itinerary.
  • preparing the electronic artist physically and mentally for the season ahead, or to support a creative reset and rejuvenation after a hectic schedule.



if you are interested in learning more about us and how we can help wellbeing within the music industry we would love you to get in touch.



photo credit : @bodieandfou